Most of acne patients today generally respond to certain medications for treating acne. But the truth is acne can’t be cured, with or without a prescription. There is still no particular method that will eliminate acne instantly. However, it is not at all bad though since certain treatments are formulated that can help prevent new acnes from forming. One of those is the Proactive Acne Treatment.

So what is Proactive Acne Treatment?

The Proactive Acne Treatment is actually considered as a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of medicine. It was developed and formulated by two Stanford-trained dermatologists as a Combination Therapy acne management system that combines the prescription ingredients in one single system that functions together to heal and prevent acne from developing. The Proactive Acne Treatment largely blends finely milled benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and the Proactive’s own special formulation. These ingredients then are noted as capable for gently exfoliating the skin, unplug the pores, attack the acne-causing bacteria and soothe the inflammation.

The Proactive Acne Treatment is composed of three major steps for a healthy and clear skin. It basically involves a renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner, and repairing lotion that all work to leave the skin acne-free. In particular, the renewing cleanser of the Proactive Acne Treatment is a unique oil-free formula that greatly contains smooth and fine grains that tenderly exfoliate the dead skin cells and some other impurities. This is actually the first step of Proactive Acne Treatment and it contains the prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide that helps penetrate the skin, fight the acne-causing bacteria, and heal the acne blotches fast.

The revitalizing toner of the Proactive Acne Treatment, as the second step, is a refreshing and alcohol-free toner that eliminates the dead skin cells, unplugs the pores, and aids in the removal of the excess in order to leave the skin oil-free and refreshed. This Proactive Acne Treatment formula is made up soothing botanical agents that generally helps to balance your skin tone.

Finally, the repairing lotion of the Proactive Acne Treatment is noted as light and oil-free lotion that contains finely milled prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide for healing the blackheads as well as blotches caused by acne. It is basically an advanced delivery system that is deemed to be soothing and safe for the entire face.

The Proactive Acne Treatment is now available on the market for purchase. It was designed to be applied on the whole face as well as to the affected areas of the skin every day. Being made with a combination of powerful ingredients, there is no doubt then than Proactive Acne Treatment will leave your skin beautifully healthy.

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